More than 75 thousands of people left to freeze in Penza due to accident

More than 75 thousands people, living in 470 multi-storey buildings, no longer have heat and warm water after pipe break. More than 200 people take part in elimination of the consequences of the emergency, according to Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (MOE).

It’s 20 degrees below zero in Penza. The total city population – around 520 thousands people. Apart from dwelling houses in Zheleznodorozhny and Oktyabrsky districts of the city, the heat is off in 9 schools, 13 kindergartens and 7 treatment facilities.

The reason for the three breakthroughs in the heating mains is water hammer. Initially, it’s been reported that the water hammer took place as result of accident in city’s thermoelectric plant #1. However, Russian Energy Ministry has denied this information.

Places of breakthroughs have already been discovered. Workers reconnect the damaged sections using backup scheme. The work is carried out in shifts around the clock. Light towers are used at night time to provide lighting.

“In the evening, we held a meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Penza region. The governor of the region has the situation under personal control”, – reported in the MOE.

Recovery of heat supply is expected by 9:00 Friday, 27 January…

Earlier on Thursday, an explosion, presumably of gas mixture, has occurred in thermoelectric plant of Penza . After that, the area of 600 square meters had metal structures collapsed. As a result, one person was killed.