Prizma hotel in Penza

In my never ending search for quiet and peaceful place, I decided to stay at local hotel in my home City of Penza. I was looking for a place that is quiet, with good Internet connection and breakfast.

I chose Prizma hotel for claiming to have noise insulation and 2 free meals.

The hotel is located inside in apartment building (d’oh!).

Upon check-in, they asked me what time I wanted to have my dinner. I said 6 pm would be nice and they took note of it.

Halls design

The halls are inspired by “anticafe” designs. A place where you can drop-in and hang out with your friends. Directions on the chalk boards coupled with mirror design.

Prizma hotel room

I looked at the room. It was very clean and “white-ish”.
There is not much furniture to put your belongings into. In fact, there’s just clothes hanger and night stand.
The mirrors use in design provides for feeling of a spacious room. But it made me cautious about not hitting the mirrors by accident.

There is a nice table, good enough for working online, even though this wasn’t my primary intention here. For foreigners reading this – the power sockets are standard european type.

Some rules of hotel use, city information and food selections were found in printed “book” that was lying on the table.

The personal welcoming note, printed in script, and chocolate were nice. Free water added to the touch 🙂

Room in Prizma hotel in Penza, Russia

I found the in-room slippers in the night stand.

I checked Wi-FI. It was not stable. But when it worked – it worked with decent speed. In fact, the instability of Wi-Fi could have been due to my use of poor-quality, sh*ty Apple laptop.

Food in Prizma hotel


Receptionist called me for dinner when it was minutes past 6 pm. I proceeded to the dining area.

I’ve had a very complete dinner which consisted of: soup, salad, pasta with meat, and tea. The food quality is superb and it comes free with your stay. I couldn’t wish more.

I was dining alone and TV remote was in my full possession.


On the morning after, I’ve had my free breakfast. The breakfast was also superb. It looked like the amount of food I had was for 2 people. I enjoyed lots of russian cheesecakes.


There was no working fan in the bathroom. It looked clean.

Shower had hot water thanks to the heating device. Some friendly usage reminder was found underneath it.

The light switch seemed to be upside down 🙂


The hotel has rules of no smoking and quite hours since 11pm. The latter is something I was looking for :).

It did not seem that the room is any much fully noise isolated as claimed. It became obvious when I hit the bed. Not only I didn’t feel like I’m in psychiatric clinic with mattress walls. In fact, it felt like zero insulation – based on the walking sounds from upper floor being heard. It seems that the residents of upper floor have used tiles for their flooring and they were women who needs to walk in high heel shoes even inside apartments.

My overview of Prizma hotel in Penza

I have enjoyed home-like food, good enough to fill my tummy more than it wanted. I did not have great sleep, but this can be forgiven. – If you are going to a hotel in apartment building, you are still in apartment building, whatever insulation is applied.

I did have some emergency work and I was able to complete it thanks to the free Wi-Fi. My stay was actually compensated by food blogger Andi who has amazing recipes that I’m going to try out some day 🙂 She hired unprofessional website designers who nearly broke the server. I had to give my helping hand and work on full stomach.

With all its noise troubles, I left the hotel with good heart because I enjoyed the food.